Automatic Checking for Duplicate Constituent Records

If the Check for duplicates when creating new donors? parameter has been enabled, DonorPerfect Online will automatically check to see if new constituent records are duplicates of an existing constituent record.

If a duplicate record is found, you will be prompted to select the existing record instead, or cancel the creation of the new record.

Enabling Checking for Duplicate Records

To enable automatic checking for duplicate records:

  1. From the navigation bar, open the Settings menu, then select Parameters. The Parameters screen appears.

  2. Click on the Entry Screens link. The Entry Screen Parameters screen appears.

  3. Check the Check for duplicates when creating new donors? parameter.

  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.

  5. Log out of DonorPerfect Online, then log back in.

Handling Duplicate Records

Once automatic checking for duplicate records has been enabled, if the user attempts to add a duplicate record to the system, the Donor Duplicate Check screen will appear:


The Donor Duplicate Check screen will list all of the existing constituent records which it has identified as possible duplicates of the record you tried to add.

At this point, you can do one of three things: