Listing Duplicate Records in a Report

The Show Report function of the Duplicate Removal screen generates a report that lists all paired records that fit a set of criteria you define.

To run the report:

  1. Select Utilities, and then click Duplicate Removal. The Duplicate Removal screen appears.


  2. Check the fields you want to use to compare records:

  3. For the fields that you checked, specify the number of characters you want to use to determine matches with the other records in the database.

  4. Under Settings for manual combine, choose the type of combine you want to do:

  5. Check Include NULL Values to include fields containing null values when comparing records. If this option is not checked, fields containing null values will be ignored.

  6. Check Set selection filter to put an optional selection filter in place. This will prevent certain records from appearing in the report. See Using Selection Filters for details.

  7. To view the list of duplicates, click Show Report. The report will display two columns of matching donor records.


From this point, you can combine the duplicates using either the Simple Combine or Advanced Combine methods: